Specialty coffee is akin to craft beer, fine wine, olive oils, and more. By paying attention to very specific aspects of growth, processing, sourcing, roasting, and brewing, coffee crafted to meet these set standards falls under the title of "specialty coffee". 

While there are specific regions of the world hailed for the quality and flavor of their beans, we believe it is a myth that there is a “holy grail” of coffee origin or roast. Coffee is a fruit first, grown in tropical regions across the globe, and harvested for the seeds, or "beans" inside. Each bean is unique, and together they offer the full palette available to discover through roasting and brewing. As a commodity item, coffee has a uniform complex of dark, strong, bitter, or bland. Many people will never be exposed to what else their morning cup has to offer. 

Specialty coffee is different from conventional coffee, bringing previously unconsidered factors to the table when examining the final cup. Quality, careful preparation, and presentation far outweigh the capitalistic desire to spread the product far and wide.

Factors such as the varietal of the bean itself, the growing region, and processing method are considered when testing the final product. Each growing region, or origin, has a host of other variables such as rainfall, soil composition, farming practices, and more. All of these contribute to the flavors, mouthfeel, acidity, and balance present in brewed coffee.

In the specialty coffee world, quality also depends on the sourcing and style of the roaster, the brewing knowledge and abilities of your barista, and your personal preferences when it comes to flavor. Coffee as a consistent beverage is a testament to the evolution of the craft, because so many people are involved in bringing it from the orchards all the way to your cup!

At Mothership, we believe your coffee should always be what YOU like, and we will never look down on you for a lack of coffee knowledge. While we don’t offer typical American sizes or an abundance of sweet flavors on purpose, we know that not everyone wants to jump right into a bright cup of Ethiopian coffee. We came from the same place, and we’re here to help make it clear. Every person is free to find what they enjoy!

Come into any of our locations or start an email conversation with us to learn more about the growing the world of specialty coffee.