A coffee bag of Ballast Single Origin Espresso over blue watercolor marks
close up shot of coffee flowing out of an espresso machine into light blue mug

Ballast Single Origin Espresso

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Our Ballast Espresso is a darker take on the Peruvian Cafe Femenino beans we offer. This roast brings out more of the caramelized sugars and edges the acidity down a bit, making it a rich and balanced espresso. With a hefty body carried by dark cocoa, full and smooth mouthfeel, and a lasting finish, this roast is profiled for use as espresso- but makes for a deeper, stronger-tasting cup of drip brew as well! 

  • Region: Lambayeque Penachi
  • Farm: Cafe Femenino Cecanor Co-op
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation:  4200 - 5300 ft (1300 - 1800 meters)
  • Growing Notes: Shade grown